Anne Bliek

Anne is a Dutch qualified lawyer with more than 14 years progressive experience in commercial contract law. She studied at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and got her bachelor’s in Business, Law and Management. Next, she completed two masters in both Civil Law and Company Law (including intellectual property). Anne started her career in private practice (Dentons). After 5 years in private practice, she moved to an in-house role and started working for TomTom.

When people think TomTom, they think navigation. TomTom’s first device was one of the fastest-selling consumer technology products in history, putting TomTom front and center of millions of road trips, visits to grandma’s, showing up to life’s important moments on time. Not only did TomTom put personal navigation on the map, but TomTom also made the map personal navigation is built on. That’s why TomTom is confident it will change the game again as the first mapmaker to map the world in real time.

Currently Anne is managing the commercial legal team (consisting of 9 (senior) legal counsels and contract administrators), where they provide business focused, strategic, commercial, and proactive legal support. She and her team deal with a variety of commercial legal matters (license agreements, contractual challenges, commercial litigation, consumer rights, lease agreements, services agreements, privacy etc.). Anne is also part of the leadership team of the Automotive BU. Recently Anne also qualified as a Legal Mediator.