GLF 2018 Theme:


August 23, 24, 2018 - Peace Palace, The Hague


The Global Legal Forum is conceived and established by Law Pundits, with support of The Hague City Council and The Hague Convention Bureau.

The Global Legal Forum is a global platform that brings together Law Ministries, Legal Academics, Judiciary, Law Firms, In-House Counsels and Legal Technology Companies along with the non-legal professionals and businesses to engage and works together to address several issues affecting business, society and legal industry.

The first annual Global Legal Forum Conference will take place at The Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands.


The Global Legal Forum, aims to contribute to the world with greater partnership between the legal industry, judiciary, law ministries of governments, businesses and public. GLF through our initiatives aims to engage the law ministries, law firms, legal tech companies, General counsels, Legal Academics and Leaders of Law firms and Judiciary to help shape global and regional legal agenda to help business and public.

Established in 2017, the Global Legal Forum believes that a positive change in the world involves a strong and robust legal policy and we are committed to bringing together all the stakeholders of the legal industry who can help make positive change to the society.

A Message from the Mayor

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the Global Legal Forum (GLF) 2018 at the Peace Palace here in The Hague on 23 & 24 August 2018.

The Hague is the International City of Peace and Justice, making it unique among the world’s great cities. a status symbolised by the iconic Peace Palace. The Hague is also the seat of government of the Netherlands. It is a city of deliberation, diplomacy, arbitration and high-level decision making. This is why we are glad to be welcoming the Global Legal Forum to The Hague.

The theme of the GLF 2018 conference is “Legal Technology, Blockchain and AI: The Changing Dynamics of Law”. This theme aligns perfectly with our city’s vision of continually playing an important role in the future of law. Just as binding agreements about warfare were made for the first time at the Hague Peace Conferences more than a century ago, so today we need to establish rules for the digital world. The Hague is therefore the ideal city in which to start conversations about the future of legal technology, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

The City of The Hague is honoured to be welcoming delegates from all over the world to this conference. I hope that in addition to your busy meeting agenda you wil be able to take part in some of the many sightseeing and cultural entertainment activities that our city has to offer. I am confident all those attending the conference will gain a renewed sense of achievement in past accomplishments and an optimistic view of the future of law.

Once again, welcome to The Hague, and I hope you have an enjoyable time at the conference and in our city!

Yours truly,

Pauline Krikke
Den Haag.


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