How is Registration Confirmed?

You will receive an email, confirming your registration.

Can I get an Invoice for GLF 2018?

Yes, please get in touch with support@lawpundits.org for all invoice related queries.

Can my organization sponsor or partner in GLF 2018?

There are a number of sponsorship packages available. All packages include a select number of tickets to the conference for our sponsors. For more details about sponsorship opportunities, please contact support@lawpundits.org.

Is The Peace Palace Accessible to people with disability?

The Peace Palace, has access to people with disability. There is limited accessibility for wheel chair users. However. Mobile scooters will not be permitted.


To make use of the different accommodation options shown below, please make click on the corresponding booking links (if already available). Reservations need to be made individually and are not included in the registration charges.

Sponsors and Partners