Alex Alben

Alex Alben, a seasoned professional in Privacy, Data, and Cybersecurity, brings his wealth of knowledge from both the tech industry and law.  As Washington’s inaugural Chief Privacy Officer (2015-2019), he spearheaded initiatives on internet privacy and ethical tech standards, notably contributing to the California Consumer Privacy Act’s implementation.

With a vibrant career spanning roles at RealNetworks to policy advocacy on Capitol Hill, Alben has been a formidable voice in tech policy, especially on issues of copyright in the digital age. His entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by his work with start-ups emerging from the University of Washington, backed by his academic prowess with degrees from Stanford University and Stanford Law School. Alben is also the author of “Analog Days: How Technology Rewrote Our Future,” reflecting on the intersection of technology, law, and society. He is a currently a professor of law at UCLA School of Law.