Annette van Riemsdijk

Annette van Riemsdijk is one of the founders of the International Mediation Institute and currently serves as its honorary director. She is also the co-founder of Inheritance Mediation in the Netherlands. Annette has played a very significant role in the development of mediation in the Netherlands and even outside the Netherlands. She was the first to start a multidisciplinary office and played an important role at the emergence of the national and international certification scheme of the NMI and IMI.  Annette started her career as a lawyer with Pot Jonker and Seunke before joining CMS Derks Star Busman where she focused on international business law and family business law.Annette is also a substitute magistrate in the Arnhem District Court where she has been actively advocating for inculcating mediation skills into the judiciary and court practice. She is also authored a book on Inheritance Mediation.