Christina Blacklaws

Christina is the President of the Law Society of England and Wales and performs a range of ambassadorial and representative functions both domestically and internationally. She holds a range of public appointments including as a member of the Family Justice Council, trustee of Law Works, member of the Judicial Diversity Forum and chair of the government’s Lawtech Delivery Panel. As Chair, Christina leads on the Society’s relationship with Barclays to develop lawtech incubators.Christina studied Jurisprudence at Oxford and qualified as a solicitor in 1991. She has developed and managed law firms including a virtual law firm and setting up the first ABS with the Co-op. More recently, she was Director of Innovation at a top 100 firm.She is heavily involved in the technological issues relating to supra-national legislative and regulatory frameworks as well as the need to demystify lawtech and empower all lawyers to embrace relevant technology.Christina is an award-winning (for innovation and diversity and inclusion) published author, speaker and lecturer and frequent media commentator.