Ilija Pjanovic

Ilija Pjanovic is a Global Head of the Intellectual Property Team within Nexperia. Ilija is responsible for all IP processes and activities within Nexperia: IP strategies, patent portfolio creation, FTO assessments, M&As, IP counseling, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, etc.

Prior to joining Nexperia, Ilija was a Head of Intellectual Property at Cambridge Display Technology, Sumitomo Chemical, a Director IP at ASML and a Director IP at Philips.

Ilija has a MSc. In Electrical Engineering, he is qualified as an European and Dutch Patent Attorney. Furthermore, Ilija has PhD in IP Law, the thesis title is “Model for an optimal IP protection of a product using different IP rights”.

Ilija is also author of two IP books: “IP Terms in Contracts” and “IP Strategy and Patents explained”