Niek Peters

Dr Niek Peters is a partner of Cleber N.V. of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specializes in cross-border litigation and (international) arbitration.Niek acts as counsel, arbitrator and binding advisor. He has been involved in domestic and international disputes, governed by various procedural and substantive laws, relating to diverse legal issues (e.g. sales, distribution, investments, joint-ventures, post M&A) and sectors (e.g. construction, engineering, energy and IT). In addition, he has been involved as counsel in a large number of proceedings for the enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards as well as the enforcement of foreign court judgments and authentic instruments. Niek also acts for and against foreign States.Niek has published many articles and books on (international) arbitration and private international law, is a regular speaker at (international) conferences and teaches the course “International Commercial Dispute Settlement Law” at the University of Groningen